Review of Formalist Quartet (with Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick) premiere of Lullaby 3.

intriguingly complex and excitedly lush” - Mark Swed, LA Times

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with throbbing eyes was included in Alex Ross’s Nightafternight Playlist:

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Review of with throbbing eyes:

Here and elsewhere, Deyoe chooses the road less traveled, eschewing the predictable and familiar for a style less immediately accessible but nevertheless rewarding. Though With Throbbing Eyes documents a voice in its still-developing stage, it's an impressive debut that bodes well for Deyoe's future.

- Textura

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Review of La Jolla Symphony performance of still getting rid of featuring Stephanie Aston and Leslie Leytham:

It was so powerful, in the Brahms symphony that followed (especially in the opening of the first movement), it wasn’t that you could hear how Brahms may have influenced Deyoe; you could hear the Deyoe in Brahms.

  1. -James Chute, San Diego Union Tribune

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Review of May 12, 2012 wild Up performance including my piece a new anxiety.

“...and delivered the decibels and joyful exuberance one might expect from such a request.”

- Out West Arts

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Review of my CD with throbbing eyes: if acknowledging the beauty in the world, the higher calling of a mannered life, before strewing it aside like an overcoat of shame

  1. -Richard Allen, a closer listen

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Profile/concert publicity leading into La Jolla Symphony performance:

Unless you are a very careful listener, however, you may be hard-pressed to hear the influence of the Polish death-metal band Decapitated in the opening section of Deyoe’s new work, “still getting rid of.” Much of Deyoe’s music is extremely challenging, employing microtonality, flexible intonation, complex rhythms and polyphonic textures.

  1. -James Chute, San Diego Union Tribune

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Photo: Jessica Flores (Nicholas Deyoe left, Leslie Leytham right)