Nicholas DEYOE - with throbbing eyes

[debut portrait album]

  1. 1)Images from a sleepless night

  2. 2)...for every day is another view of the tentative past

  3. 3)wir aber sind schon anders

4-8) 5 McCallum Songs

Performances by The Formalist Quartet, Red Fish Blue Fish, Stephanie Aston, and Brendan Nguyen

Populist Records (physical)

Bandcamp (digital)

The Kenners [Eliot Gattegno, saxophone; Eric Wubbles, piano] Intersections

1) Clint McCallum - In a hall of mirrors waiting to die

2) Lei Liang - Memories of Xiaoxiang

3) Alex Mincek - Perpetuum Mobile

4) Daniel Tacke - a quiet and lingering violence

5) Davíð Brynjar Franzson - The Closeness of Materials

6) Per Bloland - Quintet for Solo Saxophone and Electronics

  1. 7)Nicholas Deyoe - POS BTR

Spektral Records

New Music from San Diego - various artists

  1. 1)Ben Hackbarth - Open End

2) Charlie Wilmoth - Sixteen Sound Bites

    (Nicholas DEYOE conductor)   

3) Brian Griffeath-Loeb - Sequitur, Non?

4) Aaron Helgeson - If Where is of to Why

5) Yiheng Yvonne Wu - Utterance

  1. 6)Vincent Raikhel - Anther

Carrier Records

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Chimney Liquor

Jeff Kaiser, quarter-tone trumpet and laptop

Nicholas Deyoe, electric guitars