things written in the snow No. 2: beneath a fresh layer

Performance: Berglind Maria Tomasdottir

Lullaby 2011

Performance: Brian Archinal (note: this video cuts out slightly before the actual end of the piece)

...for every day is another view of the tentative past 2009 (string quartet)

Performance: The Formalist Quartet

images from a sleepless night 2009 (string quartet, with two violas)

Performance: The Formalist Quartet

McThollintosh 2010 (two violins)

Performance: Andrew Tholl and Andrew McIntosh

Love Song [POS GTR] 2009 (electric guitar)

Performance: Nicholas Deyoe

wouldn't need you 2011 (solo tuba with loop pedal)

Performance: Jonathan Piper

A piece of Eric 2011 (solo performer with a drum)

Performance: Eric Derr