Mastering is finished for Matt Barbier’s Face|Resection album and it has been sent to press.  This split 10” record featuring my facesplitter and Clint McCallum’s bowel resection will be available in October!

OUT NOW! New Los Angeles Percussion Quartet Album on Sono Luminus (recorded in 7.1!) including my Lullaby 5. [Order/more info]

Keep an eye on my performances page for upcoming concerts.

Check out the NY Times review of mine and gnarwhallaby’s Carnegie Hall debut last November!

Mark Swed calls Lullaby 3 intriguingly complex and excitedly lush in his review of the premiere performance. [full article]

Here is a great review of La Jolla Symphony’s performance with Stephanie Aston and Leslie Leytham of still getting rid of.

The Mix: NPR’s 100 Composers Under 40.